Introducing our stellar Opening Keynote!



By liv | Last updated: May 3, 2024

Charting the Path to Innovation;

Keynote Speaker & Group CTO at Zurich Insurance, Archana Jain, sheds light on cloud, data & AI transformation

The wait is finally over, and we have exciting updates to share with you! Our opening keynote Archana Jain will lead the way in Switzerland’s only independent conference on Cloud, Data, and AI.

Archana brings her wealth of leadership experience and technical know-how to Zurich Insurance Group, as the Group CTO and Head of Infra Services and Security. With her professional expertise and advocacy for inclusivity, Archana will give insight into:

Empowerment through topics of inclusion, including equal opportunities for women in STEM fields.

Expertise in cultural transformation.

Effective innovation of digital solutions through design thinking and agile practices.

Archana’s diverse background and commitment to driving technological advancements convey a dedication to nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration at Zurich Insurance Group.

These are just a few of the key themes curated by the Conference Board to showcase the most cutting-edge solutions at the upcoming Cloud, Data & AI Leadership Day.