Florian Roessler

Engagement Director and Machine Learning Engineer

Florian is an Engagement Director and Machine Learning Engineer at Unit8 where he helps clients across various industries adopt and excel with data driven decision making.
Before joining Unit8 he worked as a Data Science Consultant in Germany and London. He completed his PhD (Computational Chemistry) at the University of Cambridge.
He is a strong believer in the open source community and has contributed to several projects as well as helping organize conferences and Meetups in Cambridge, London Bonn and Geneva.

Data & AI Leadership Day Talk:
Implement Your First Gen AI Use Case With The Azure-OpenAI Service

Generative AI has made a considerable impression over the past months, especially with the highly accessible ChatGPT tool. However Unit8 sees companies struggling to understand how the technology behind ChatGPT can be applied in their business specifics. Unit8 will show you how in this session. We’ll break down ChatGPT so you understand Gen AI fundamentals, present and demo 3 low-hanging Azure-OpenAI use cases and provide a practical roadmap for you to get started.

By the end you’ll gain a solid understanding of what generative AI is and is not, how it works and how to use it to your advantage. This is a chance to see what practical applications are possible today and to inspire your next great AI adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is Data & AI Leadership Day?

Data & AI Leadership Day brings together over 800 leaders and experts from across industries to share their experience and insights on the latest trends, best practices, and strategies related to data & AI.

Who is deciding on the topics?

The program is selected by an independent board of customer representatives and delivered by cloud practitioners and experts. Content is selected to provide maximum benefit to participants through relevant topics, innovative insights, and clear, actionable takeaways. 

When and where does Data & AI Leadership Day take place?

Data & AI Leadership Day will be on June 19, 2024, from 7am to 5.30pm CEST, followed by informal drinks and networking.  

This in-person conference will be held at: 

Arena Cinema Zurich 

Kalanderplatz 8 

8045 Zurich 

What type of tickets exist?

Individual tickets, as well as discounted group tickets, are available. For more info about pricing, head to our ticket shop or drop us an email.
Buying tickets by invoice is currently unavailable, but this will soon change—sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned.

What about the co-located Cloud Leadership Day?

Cloud is a relevant topic for future developments, which is why this conference will take place alongside Cloud Leadership Day. Ticket holders will have access to both conferences.