Marcel Raas

Data Scientist

Marcel studied theoretical physics and attained a PhD in particle physics at CERN, Geneva. After completing his PhD research, Marcel worked at Shell and ASML and currently he is a data scientist at Xebia Data.

During his time at Xebia Data, Marcel has undertaken a diverse set of projects: demand forecasting, money laundering detection, and e-commerce recommendations. Currently he is working on the Turnaround Insights project at Schiphol, both on the core computer vision part, and building forecasting models that use the detections from the computer vision model.

Data Leadership Day Talk:
Tackling Flight Delays and Optimizing Turnaround Time with AI

Have you ever boarded a plane and then waited endlessly before takeoff? Ever wondered why it took so long? The people working at airport operations are often wondering the same, and with the advent of computer vision, we can now meticulously map the whole turnaround and conclude which processes are causing delays.

We’ll present Schiphol Amsterdam Airport’s journey to open the black box that is the turnaround. We’ll show how we went from data generation to use-case discovery, and business implementation. Turns out we can do more with this data than we anticipated!


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